In response to the concerns posed by COVID-19, the Vermont Legislature passed ACT162, which allows a legislative body to vote to use Australian ballot for any Town Meeting (Annual or Special) in 2021

All voting in the Town of CAMBRIDGE for Town Meeting Day 2021 will be held via Australian Ballot.
No floor meetings will be held in 2021.

(as voted by the Selectboard on 12/22/2020)

Ballot Candidates CONSENT FORM


Dec 22, 2020:  At a properly warned Cambridge Select Board meeting, the Board voted to utilize Australian Ballot for all articles on the Warning for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Town of Cambridge in accordance with the provisions of Act 162. This replaces traditional Town Meeting for 2021 only.

Dec 31, 2020: Initial Posting of information for Town Meeting, including listing of elected positions and requirements for elected positions and a proposed timeline. Consent Form posted. Requirement: Must be a registered voter in Cambridge

Jan  7, 2021:  Informational Postcards Mailed

Jan 14, 2021:  Last day to file a petition for articles to be included on the Town Meeting Warning. Submit to Town Clerk’s Office by 5PM with 5% registered voter signatures

Jan 25, 2021: Last day for candidates for elected offices to submit consent form (17 V.S.A §2681 (a)) to the Town Clerk by 5PM. Petitions not required for this election.  CONSENT FORM

Jan 27, 2021: 1) Town Clerk to verify that proposed candidates are eligible to stand for election.
                       2) Last day for candidates to withdraw as a candidate for elected office at town meeting.

Jan 28, 2021: Town Budget and Warning finalized, all nominations recorded, all warrant articles in to Town Clerk

Jan 29, 2021: Town Report to printer, ballot information to LHS

Jan 31, 2021: Last day to post Warning for Town Meeting

Feb  9, 2021:  Meet the Candidates night for announced candidates to address the public and answer questions
                       Wednesday 7 PM, via Zoom

Feb 10, 2021: Ballots available for distribution, including all outgoing and return envelopes. Mailed out based on voter request.
                       Since we are using Australian ballot for all voted issues, candidate elections will be decided by a plurality.
                       A majority vote is not required.

Feb 15, 2021: Town Annual Report available for distribution and posted online.

Feb 25, 2021: A Town public informational meeting is required by state law within 10 days of Town Meeting Day. Thursday 7 PM, via Zoom 
                       (Cambridge Fire Company Meeting Room) LINK TO INFO MEETING

Feb,     2021:  (TBD) - A School public informational meeting is required by state law within 10 days of Town Meeting Day. Conducted on Zoom                                 (Cambridge Elementary School Meeting Room?)

Mar 2, 2021: Town Meeting Day. No Meeting – Australian Ballot Voting only. All in person voting is currently planned to be done at the school.

Elected positions to be filled by Australian Ballot at Cambridge Town Meeting on March 2, 2021
Annual Meeting of the Town of Cambridge:

Moderator                           1 year
Selectboard                        3 years
Selectboard                        2 years
Auditor                                3 years
Auditor                                1 year
Lister                                   3 years
Lister                                   2 years
First Constable                  1 year
Delinquent Tax Collector  1 year
Library Trustee                   5 years
Library Trustee                   4 years
Library Trustee                   3 years
Library Trustee                   2 years
Library Trustee                   1 year
Trustee for Public Money  1 year
Cemetery Commissioner   5 years
All candidates for elected offices must submit a consent form (17 V.S.A §2681 (a)) to the Town Clerk by 5PM on January 25, 2021 to appear on the ballot. CONSENT FORM
Petitions are not required for this election.  

Revised 12/31/20, MKS