There is an effort in Lamoille County to improve access to reliable, high speed internet. Please help this effort by responding to the Lamoille Broadband Survey, linked here:

If you do not have internet at home, you can complete the survey from a device that uses cell data or at a location that has internet access. Alternatively, you are welcome to call Lea Kilvadyova at the LCPC and she work with you to fill out the survey on your behalf, with the answers you provide. You can reach Lea at 851-6348 and providing a phone number to contact you.

We are aware that the Vermont Electric Cooperative is also in the process of conducting a broadband survey targeted at VEC members. Please note that both the Lamoille and the VEC surveys are vital to the efforts to improve broadband in our area and we highly encourage you to fill both if you get that opportunity.

The LCPC is conducting the survey thanks to a Broadband Innovation Grant from the Vermont Department of Public Service. The grant focuses on determining the feasibility of broadband deployment in the underserved areas of the Lamoille region and the development of a business plan for the improvement of the broadband infrastructure.

Best regards,
Lea Kilvádyová
Regional Planner

Lamoille County Planning Commission
Direct line: (802) 851-6348