There are no zoning regulations in the Town of Cambridge. Development is guided by the following State and Town Policies:
Development Guidelines

The Cambridge Town Plan and related documents can be found here:
Planning Commission Documents

Subdivision Regulations & Forms
Since September 1, 2006, Subdivision regulations have been in full effect in the Town of Cambridge. (Properties within the Village of Jeffersonville are not subject to review under these regulations.)  On October 16, 2006, the Selectboard appointed volunteers to the newly created Town of Cambridge Development Review Board. This board is made up of local residents who are responsible for hearing applications and deciding upon them.

Among other things, a permit is required to subdivide a parcel of land, to create a right of way to a parcel, and to make boundary line adjustments. Normal boundary line surveys do not need any approvals.

Anyone interested in more information on these regulations or to apply for a permit should review the regulations, fee schedule and application. You can then then contact the Administrative Officer to schedule an appointment.
Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Fee Schedule
Subdivision Application