Where do we get a marriage license and how much does it cost?

Licenses are issued by Vermont town clerks. If both parties are Vermont residents, you may go to the city clerk in either of your towns of residence. If just one of you resides in a Vermont town, you must buy the license in that town. The license costs $60, and is valid for 60 days from the date it is issued. During that time period, an authorized person must perform your wedding ceremony — otherwise, the license is void.

1. Read this important information about GETTING MARRIED IN VERMONT

2. Find the Vermont State marriage application HERE.

3. Fill out the application, and send or deliver it to the Cambridge Town Office with a check for $70.00
($60.00 fee plus $10.00 for certified license copy). Include your telephone number and eMail address. Make check payable to:
Town of Cambridge
PO Box 127
Jeffersonville VT 05464

4. Once we receive your application, we will fill out the license form and contact you to issue the license. One of the applicants must come to the Town Office, sign and receive the license. By law, you must deliver the license to the person who will conduct your wedding ceremony before the marriage can be performed.

5. After the ceremony, the person who performs the ceremony (officiant) will complete the sections concerning the date, place and officiant information, and sign your license. At that point, the license becomes a marriage certificate. The officiant must return the certificate to the city clerk’s office where it was issued within 10 days after the wedding, so that your marriage can be officially registered.We will create a certified copy and mail it to you.

6. Looking for a Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony? You can find the list here: