A Vision for Cambridge’s Future

Cambridge residents look to a future for the community where:

Cambridge is a place where existing natural beauty and historical aspects are valued and preserved for the benefit of residents and tourists alike, and where the town keeps its character through all the changes of the future.
Cambridge has high-quality good jobs and supports existing and budding businesses and activities. It’s a place safe from hazards and crime, and the town is supported by a thriving farm economy.
Cambridge has a community center that promotes health, wellness, art, and recreation, and is a place that brings all ages and parts of the community together; where sports and fitness opportunities are there for everyone in town. There is an improvement in physical and mental health in the community and through prevention, a reduction of crime and diseases.
Cambridge develops a place where young people can meet to find support to talk about important issues and prevent drug use.
Cambridge has an assisted living facility for seniors to age in place and is connected to the recreational facility so that seniors and young people are brought together.
Cambridge is a place where young people will come back to, to raise their families, and where youth can afford to stay and work in town. The town has all the infrastructure needed to be a destination for people to visit and stay. Where there is a beautiful public park in Jeffersonville, and where infrastructure on both the municipal and school side is affordable, sustainable, and thriving with no signs of deferred maintenance. And there is a visual connection between Cambridge Village and Jeffersonville with beautification, signage, and a way to walk between villages without having to walk on Route 15.
Cambridge is a community where all working groups in town are unified, collaborating, and heading in the same direction; and the town employs a staff leader to find grants and offer support for valued programs and infrastructure.

Cambridge Community Visit Taskforces

Plan and Develop a Senior Living Center and Expand Senior Services
Chair: Elisha Hall

Advance a Cambridge Community Center
Chair: Lauri Boyden

Expand Communications, Capacity, and Efficiency for Community and Economic Development
Chairs: Jeff Coslett and Laurie Cartwright

Evaluate Municipal Structure
Roger Prescott