Christopher Morley


The Village Beautification Project was started in 2013 as an all-volunteer project to beautify the villages by having flowers line the main streets. We added fall foliage décor in the Fall 2019 with the help of members of Cambridge Rotary and cornstalks donated by Boyden Farm. We want to make our villages “just a beautiful place to live.”

In 2017 the Town of Cambridge agreed to fund some critical aspects of the project to help make this an ongoing project. With additional funding from Cambridge Village Trustees, local donations and volunteer help we have been able to continue this project.

Care for the Roundabout continues under the Village Beautification Project. Shari [Longe] Gilbert, landscaper and sole caretaker for the Roundabout, for a second season was able to revive the severely winter damaged Junipers so once again we could enjoy the added beauty the Roundabout offers.

The project is comprised of Karen Obert, volunteer overseer of the project, volunteer Jay Tisbert of Valley Dream Farm who provides the flower design, and landscaper Shari Gilbert who does watering and plant care plus volunteer activities. Other volunteers are: Joe and Anne Tisbert, Susanne Masson, Peter and Mary Ingvoldstad, Tom LaChance, Jochen Obert, Zeke Zucker, Jennifer Sweet, Patti Bulk, Colby Jennison, Emmitt and Kaylee White.

One paid landscaper, Shari Gilbert, does the watering and caring for the flowers throughout the season. Valley Dream Farm provides the flowers. Homeowners, teen scouts or volunteers have been weed whacking around the pots and street signs in Jeff village. Care around the pots in Cambridge are part of the mowing of the village green. Water for both villages was supplied/donated by the village of Jeffersonville this year (7,790 gallons). All other aspects of the project are done by volunteers.

This was our first year experimenting with hanging baskets in Cambridge. It was successful but more work is needed regarding water retention to meet our goal of watering only 3x per week. Once perfected we will consider switching to baskets in Jeff village. The use of the utility poles was granted from Green Mountain Power.

We had 25 pots of flowers in Jeff village, 15 hanging baskets and 8 pots of flowers in Cambridge village funded by the Town. All other pots were paid by private donations.

Our goal is to make this an ongoing project, easily manageable and as cost effective as possible without compromising the health of the plants.

Summer Season 2020

  • 25 pots in Jeff village, 8 pots in Cambridge village, 7 plants per pot. 15 hanging half baskets on the utility poles in Cambridge 9 plants per basket
  • planting and transporting pots to and from villages were done by volunteers
  • plants were watered an average of 3x per week, weather dependent
  • replacement of flowers due to disease were minimal, no thefts or damages this year.