Jonathan DeLaBruere



PO Box 127
85 Church Street, 2nd Floor
Jeffersonville, VT 05464

Town Administrator:

The Town Administrator's mission is to support the Selectboard in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to the ultimate
benefit of the Town of Cambridge. To that end, the Town Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing, directing,
and coordinating the affairs of the town in areas not directly the responsibility of others, for assisting the Selectboard in
developing policies for the general direction of town affairs, for planning long-range programs for town departments,
and responsible for the performance of administrative and technical duties as assigned by the Selectboard.

The Administrator is also the Selectboard’s direct representative and is responsible for general oversight of town business
in accordance with Selectboard policy and directives. The Administrator does not have direct supervisory responsibility over
any employees, except as specifically authorized or requested by the Selectboard.

 Work is performed independently within general policies established by the Selectboard.