Peter A Krusch Nature Preserve
Curious to learn more about the Proposed Peter A Krusch Nature Preserve? This joint project between Sally Laughlin (Peter's widow), the Cambridge Conservation Commission and the Vermont Land Trust, will be the first piece of Town-owned land held specifically for nature conservation and public recreation.

At Town Meeting on March 3 this year, the Town voted to accept this 51 acre parcel in all its diversity, as the first Town-owned Nature Preserve. Not only is it a beautiful parcel in its own right, but it also provides access to the incredible Cambridge Pines State Forest. It will surely be a fabulous resource for the town for hiking, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, and nature exploration.

If you would like to know more about the Preserve and the project, and would like to contribute to creating the vision for the Preserve and its management, please join landowner Sally Laughlin, Bob Heiser from the Vermont Land Trust, and members of the Cambridge Conservation Commission, via Zoom for a brief overview and a more extensive discussion to let us know your thoughts.

Date: Tuesday October 6, 7pm.
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Enter Meeting ID: 837 6173 8239 and Password: 871874

Use and Management Vision Survey
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