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Curious to learn more about the Proposed Peter A Krusch Nature Preserve? This joint project between Sally Laughlin (Peter's widow), the Cambridge Conservation Commission and the Vermont Land Trust, will be the first piece of Town-owned land held specifically for nature conservation and public recreation.

Come join us for a slideshow, discussion and refreshments at the Varnum Library on Thursday 30th January, at 7pm.

Articles about this exciting project will come up at Town Meeting on March 3. Take the opportunity to learn and ask questions ahead of time . . . and enjoy pictures of our beautiful landscape and wildlife, meet members of the Conservation Commission and Vermont Land Trust, and share delicious home-baked cookies and other refreshments.

FYI - if you can't make it on Thursday, there will be another meeting at the Fire House on Monday 24 February, at 7pm. There is also information posted on the Town website, or feel free to come to our next Conservation Commission Meeting (Wednesday 5 February, Town Offices, 7pm), or get in touch with Sara Lourie
directly for more information.