Request for Proposal- Krusch Nature Preserve
Proposal Map- Krusch Nature Preserve

Peter A Krusch Nature Preserve
In December 2020, the Town of Cambridge acquired this 51 acre Preserve, which borders the Cambridge Pines Natural Area/State Forest. The land was owned and stewarded for 60 years by Peter A Krusch, who had envisioned the land preserved, conserved, and open to the public. A three-year cooperative effort between the Town of Cambridge, the Cambridge Conservation Commission, the Vermont Land Trust, and Sally Laughlin (Peter’s widow) has resulted in the donation of the land and the establishment of the Preserve. See the cover of the Town Report and the article on Peter on the inside cover.

Parking Lot Coming!
This Spring (2021) the Town will oversee the building of a parking lot off North Cambridge Road, the first step in making the area available to the public. Note that parking is not allowed on North Cambridge Road or on the private property adjoining. We will get the parking lot started as soon as the snow melts!

Nature Trail
The Conservation Commission has marked out the route of a nature trail through the Preserve, up the hill from the future trailhead on North Cambridge Road, across a seasonal stream, through the varied forested land, past a waterfall and gorge, along Dragon Brook, and then across Dragon Brook to the border of the ancient pines and hemlocks of the Cambridge Pines State Forest. This will provide an adequate temporary path until the finished nature trail can be built.

Plans are to build a sustainable nature trail, with two bridges and an c. 300-foot section of bog bridging, beginning this Summer (2021).  A professional trail building designer/builder Erin Amadon of Towns4Trails designed the trail, in consultation with the Conservation Commission and its subcommittee the Krusch Preserve Steering Committee. We have submitted a $50,000 application for a Recreational Trails Program Grant, through Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FPR) for the bridges and materials needed. All the trail work will be done by volunteers.  FPR is working on plans for a loop trail through the Cambridge Pines State Forest/Fragile Area which will link to the Krusch Preserve Nature Trail.


Wildlife Habitat and Natural Features.
The land is a compelling mix of forestland, open meadow, streams, wetlands, ravines, and waterfalls – a surprising diversity of habitats in such a small geographical area. The land is part of a larger forest block mapped by the state of Vermont as a “Priority Connectivity Block,” providing critical ecological connectivity on a statewide level.

Public Trails.
The land has a great potential for a public trail system through a diverse landscape and along striking ravines and streams.

Improved Access to Cambridge Pines.
The proposed parking and trail will connect the public to the Cambridge Pines, one of Vermont’s few examples of ancient forest. The Cambridge Pines State Forest is owned by Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, but has long had public access challenges.

Outdoor Education.
Together with the Cambridge Pines, the land offers many outdoor educational opportunities for all ages.

Donations towards the trail building fund - make checks out to Town of Cambridge, noting in memo line “for Krusch Preserve Reserve fund”. Send to Town of Cambridge Town Clerk. P O Box 127, Jeffersonville, VT 05464. Gifts are tax-deductible as is allowed by law.

Volunteers – the Trails Committee will be recruiting help for trail building which will begin in July. Contact Peter Ingvoldstad (see below).



Sara Lourie, Cambridge Conservation Commission

Sally Laughlin, Chair, Krusch Preserve Steering Committee

Peter Ingvoldstad, Trails Committee, volunteer crew contact


Map of the Krusch Nature Preserve with Proposed Trails & Bridges
Planning – developing a long-term management plan 
October 2020 Results of the Cambridge Conservation Commission Questionnaire
Interim Management Plan         
Community Involvement and Planning        
How the Krusch Nature Preserve Was Created      
Planned Timeline Going Forward   
Town of Cambridge Trails Overall Guidelines 
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Nature Preserve Aerial Map
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