The Development Review Board serves to administer the Subdivision Regulations of the Town of Cambridge.

The following information is taken from those regulations: Cambridge Subdivision Regulations.
(A)         The Development Review Board shall not consist of less than 5 nor more than 9 members whose
              members shall be appointed by the Selectboard for specified terms. The Board may consist of the 
               members of the Planning Commission. Vacancies shall also be filled by appointment of the 
               Selectboard for un expired terms and upon the expiration of terms. The Selectboard upon written 
               charges and after a public hearing may remove any member of the DRB for just cause [§4460(b) - (c)].
(B)          The DRB shall have all powers set forth in the Act to administer the provisions of these regulations, 
               including, but not limited to, the power to:             
                1.         Consider sketch plans for approval under section 3.01 [§4460(e)(8)] [§4418(2)(B)].
                2.         Consider final plat approval under section 3.02 [§4460(e)(8)] [§4418(2)(B)].
                3.         Consider   applications   for   Planned   Unit   Developments   under   section   3.02
                             [§4460(e)(5)] [§4417].
                4.         Consider requests for a waiver under section 3.03 [§4460(e)(6)] §4418(2)(A)].
                5.         Consider decisions of the Administrative Officer upon appeal under section 2.03
(C)          The DRB shall adopt rules of procedure, rules of ethics with respect to conflict of interest,
                and  perform its  functions  in  conformance  with  the  Act  [§4461]  and  Vermont’s  Open
                Meeting Law [1 V.S.A. §§310-314].            
(D)          The DRB shall meet all relevant recording requirements of section 2.07 of these regulations.



Administrative Officer:  CARROLL PETERS 802-888-7737