Community Engagement Team

The Cambridge Community Engagement Team (CET) was a committee created by the Selectboard, at the request of the community at Town Meeting Day 2017, to address community engagement issues raised at the meeting.

The CET conducted research and issued recommendations including but not limited to the following questions:
  • In general, what can the town do to reduce barriers to and facilitate more engagement by all citizens in substantive town affairs and town meetings?
  • Should town meeting be held on a different day of the week or different time of day
  • Should issues that are currently decided by a vote in town meeting (following an opportunity for discussion) instead be decided by Australian ballot?
  • Should the Selectboard be increased from three to five persons?
  • Should the CET be established as a long-term committee and reconsider its mission following the issuance of the report?
The CET issued a report to the Selectboard in November, 2017.  It was understood that certain changes that were recommended would require a vote at the 2018 town meeting.