The purpose of CEDAC is as follows:

A. Serve as the Town’s “broadband committee” and investigate ways to bring universal high speed Internet access to the Town.
B. Create and maintain a census of businesses in the Town.
C. Create and maintain the web site
D. Represent the Town relative to the Green Mountain Byway.
E. To the extent desired by the members of CEDAC, make recommendations to the Selectboard for economic development in the Town.
Consideration may include, but is not limited to, the Cambridge Business Park and business opportunities related to recreational, cultural,
and tourist activities in the Town. This may include investigating options for paying for economic development initiatives, such as fees,
grants, donations, and other tax sources in addition to the property tax.
F. If creation of a Development Reserve Fund is approved by the voters, make recommendations to the Selectboard as to how the fund
should be used.

The following individuals are the members of CEDAC;

Chair:  Tim Humphrey                  Vice Chair:  Francesca D'Elia                 Secretary:  Sam Lotto

To contact CEDAC:

Term expires on March 31
 Chair: Tim Humphrey 2022
 Vice Chair: Francesca D'Elia 2020
 Secretary:   Sam Lotto 2020
  Mark Delany 2021
  Georgeana Little  2021
  Ferron Wambold  2022